Hello my name is Ms. Jimenez and I am the 5th grade teacher and High School ESOL teacher

I was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I possess a Bachelor in Elementary Education, Master Degree in Arts of Education with a concentration in English as a Second Language, AS Degree Medical Technology and a variety of Certificates such as but not limited to: ESE, Gifted, Agriculture Science, Multicultural Education...to mention a few. I have been recognized with academy distinction "Magna Cum Laude".

I am a strong believer that "Time is precious" based on Ecclesiastes 3 "There is a time for everything". My philosophy is to provide an excellent education to maximize each student’s potential, and build up a strong Christian character. All in all, I am here to serve you.

If you would like to contact me please email me at vjimenez@phaorlando.org

I am here to serve!