Why choose Potter's House Academy & Daycare ?


* Because we have trained and certified teachers which are passionate about teaching, and eager to teach your child.

* Small Classroom sizes (only 15-18 students per Teacher) This allows us to meet your child’s needs in a more professional and caring setting

* We offer a college prep course, which is one to two years more advanced than major schools

* We offer Chapel services twice a week. Through our dynamic teachings, and praise and worship our students become passionate about learning the Word of God.

* We have been dedicated to serving our community for over 20 years.

Fully accredited through ACTS                                                                                                                    

(Association of Christian Teachers and Schools)


* We have Trained and Certified Teachers which are passionate of caring for your Child.

* CPR & First aid Certified .

* Registered Nurse on premises.

* If you are in the area and would like to visit your Child, we have an open door policy.

* We strive for excellence in our security, for this reason we offer:

             * A fenced playground

             * Monitored Access into our facility

             * Computerized Log-in and Log-out

* Breakfast, Lunch and Snack INCLUDED

* We offer a well balanced meal at no charge to you

* We Accept 4C